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Delivering Agile Software Development Services

With our extensive years of experience, we understand that each business possesses unique software and hardware requirements. That's precisely why we offer a diverse array of software development services tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Oriental Outsourcing has been delivering exceptional websites and applications for several years, setting industry standards and inspiring others in the tech domain. Our breakthrough solutions and exceptional acumen in technology have resulted in highly valuable products that are considered benchmarks in the field.

KingTruss Website


Website Design & Development

Business List Logo


Website and app development


Concentric Education Services

App Design & Development

Schoollucnh Website

School lunch

Web Design & Development

Software Development Lifecycle: Excellence at Every Stage

Project requirement


Understand the problem and gather information from users.
Clearly define the goals and limitations of the project.

Requirement Analyze

Requirement Analysis

Dive deep into the requirements, capturing all necessary details.
Prioritize and validate requirements.

UI/UX design

UX/UI Design

Craft an engaging and user-friendly interface. Create visual mockups and define the navigation flow to guide users.

Software development


Transform the requirements and design into actual working software.
Implement necessary features and functionalities.


Quality Assurance and Testing

Thoroughly test the software to identify and fix any issues.
Gather feedback and make necessary improvements.


Deployment and Maintenance

Prepare for deployment and set up infrastructure.
Provide ongoing maintenance and support

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