Website Maintenance

Just creating your website and adding wonderful content to it does not work anymore. The customers these days are extremely trend-savvy and identify and obsolete website soon to move on to another. To stop that from happening you will have to make sure that your website is updated at regular intervals and all security threats are eliminated. To ensure that your customer comes back to your website it is best to see that you are resolving all the bugs and bringing in changes in terms of functionality and usage.

You must understand that any customer, when faced with an issue on a website quickly, moves to the competitor because their loyalties are paper thin. They just do not have the patience to navigate a website which seems redundant to them. Your website becomes obsolete if you do not update it regularly. Modern times require you to keep changing your website as per the need of the hour. Not doing that will leave you behind and we at Oriental outsourcing are the answer to all such problems that you be facing.

We have a highly skillful and talented team which works hard to ensure that your website never suffers from any glitch or error. As part of our package, we handle all your concerns of your website like development, domain, hosting, monitoring, and design. A high traffic to your website also means that the chances of the website crashing would be high and hence it becomes important that you have a help in hand. Our services are pretty prompt and as and when you face an issue that cannot be rectified at your end you can let us know and we would get to work as soon as possible to solve the matter.

  • Accuracy in the changes made

  • Technical updating of the website

  • Monitoring of every event and action

  • Full admin based control

  • Direct communication with the team

  • Testing and retesting till satisfied

  • Technical support if any issues faced.

Apart from that we also understand some very basic issues that any website can face. To take care of that we have a guided and well-experienced team which handles the below-mentioned services.

Website revamping

  • Rectification of any errors

  • Regular updating of the website

  • Changes made at 24-hour notice

  • Cloud hosting with spam filtering and mobile protection.

SEO enabled

  • Prepare the website for SEO and make it top of the rankings

  • Data entry

  • A regular check of SEO data to see website status.

Content management

  • Content creation and management.

  • Changing content as per change in trends

  • Including keywords and helping in increasing ranking

Your website may be done in the best manner possible but if it is not updated regularly you are sure to lose out on some very important customers. In order to avoid that situation get in touch with us at and we would help in rectifying all the problems that your website can face in future. All the updating that you require can be done by our expert team in a matter of 24 hours and in case the problem is severe even before that.

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