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Efficient Tips for Selecting a Business Name -2

A good name for a company is always an added advantage even though it can perform well in the market. The name of the brand will communicate something to the customer directly or indirectly. The need for a good name for a brand has originated from the customer to identify, remember, discuss, and compare with other brands in the market. A right brand name can bring you a chunk of customers. Similarly, a bad name can fail to connect with the customers. For some people choosing the brand name is a simple task that is done very quickly without much difficulty. Here are some tips listed down below to be followed for a winning brand name.

Avoiding Tough Spelling Names

Don’t confuse your customers for finding your business online. For example, “Flickr” is a photo-sharing site that is misspelled frequently by users. Always keep your brand name simple for customers to memorize and find in web searches.

Don’t Pick Names That Limit Your Brand Growth

Naming brands with some narrow names may stop their growth after some time. Just think if Jeff Bezos has named his e-commerce as “Online Book Store” instead of “Amazon”. It would have stopped other companies to sell their products on amazon as it is an online bookstore. Never limit your brand to any specific product or region.

Getting the “.Com” Domain Name

Always choose the .com domain name for your business instead of .net, .org, .biz, or other possible domain extensions because it provides security. Many people like to be associated with the .com domain. The domain you need is already owned by someone willing to sell at the right price.
A good .com domain name is always a good investment for any business. Check websites like or for the required domain name. If it is not available then using the tool “Whois” can track the status of the user when they are willing to sell the domain name. Always make sure that your brand is popular on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Using Meaningful Names

Choose a name that has a meaning which can spread positive energy among people relating to the business. Names “Google”, “Yahoo”, “Instagram” have come catchy appeal to the users but they are costly compared to other counterparts. Some simple, clear, and intriguing domain names include,, and which are meaningful and can be easily related to the mind of the customers and easy for SEO.

Conducting a Proper Trademark Search

If you are starting a business in the USA check if you can get a trademark or a service mark for your desired business name. If you want to obtain a trademark in other countries check with their trademark issuing authorities for their procedure.

Assessing the Catchiness of the Business Name

No one wants a name that seems boring to the customers. At the same time, it must also not be difficult to spell for anyone and everyone. All the employers should say the name without any hesitation or difficulty and it should resonate in the mind of the customers.
Business Name Tips

Getting the Feedback of the Chosen Brand Name

Make a list of 10 names and get feedback from people like your friends, family, neighbors, and some other random people. Drop the names which receive more negative reviews from people. Also, make sure that the brand name doesn’t have any negative meaning in any known language.

Making Sure That the Brand Name Sounds Good

Some names seem to look good on paper but when they are said aloud they may seem a bit strange or awkward sometimes. People must be clear about the name they spell.

Making Sure About Satisfaction

People may suggest several names but you are the one who is supposed to be satisfied with the name in the first place. Never rush with the name if you don’t like it even though a large group of people recommend it. Your satisfaction should be a priority when it comes to business.
We hope these pointers will help you in choosing the right business name and make the processing load a bit lighter.