Business Anniversary

20+ Years of Innovation, People, and Progress: Celebrating Oriental Outsourcing’s Remarkable Journey

This year marks a momentous milestone for Oriental Outsourcing—20+ years of thriving in the industry! Since our modest inception in 2004, situated in a compact kharar office, we have traversed a remarkable journey, and this significant milestone calls for a sincere celebration. Presently, we raise a toast not just to commemorate our accomplishments but also to recognize the remarkable individuals who laid the groundwork for our success and those who persistently accompany us on this journey.

From a Spark to a Flourishing Flame: Our Journey

This journey began with the visionary spark of Mr. Bhawan Baweja, a young entrepreneur who dared to dream big. With just a few team members at inception, the seeds of innovation were sown. Throughout the years, we’ve cultivated those initial seeds with a steadfast dedication to excellence, expanding into a team of more than 50 passionate individuals. Yet, beyond expertise lies our foundation in core values: innovation, process, and people, distinguishing us in our field. Our commitment extends beyond providing mere solutions; we strive to deliver extraordinary experiences.

The tapestry of our success is woven with countless threads of achievement. We take pride in being recognized as an authentic industry leader, a reflection of our consistent commitment to Oriental’s philosophy: adopting a specialized and thorough approach. Yet, surpassing our market standing and awards, it’s the substantial impact we’ve made on our clients and the community that truly ignites our enthusiasm.

A Celebration of Laughter, Creativity, and Connection: Our Annual Day 2023

The festivities of our Annual Day 2023, held last month, echoed with the joyful spirit of celebration. The air thrummed with infectious laughter as our entire family, employees, and their loved ones, united under the banner of camaraderie. The host’s creative vision transformed the event into a playground of fun-filled activities that fostered friendships, unearthed hidden talents, and strengthened our company culture. From thrilling competitions to heartening family instances, the event was a jubilation that went beyond work, embracing the core of our identity—a lively family united by passion and mission.

20+ Anniversary

A Stage for Passion: Employee Performances

The night commenced with a stunning display of talent, showcasing the diverse creativity thriving within our organization. Our employees took the spotlight, captivating us with performances they conceived and executed themselves. From soulful tunes to energizing beats, each act added a vivid stroke to our shared journey. These displays weren’t merely entertainment; they offered a glimpse into the rich creativity and enthusiasm of our team.

Words of Inspiration: Founder’s Speeches

Then came the impactful speeches by our co-founders, resonating deeply with everyone.  They depicted a vivid picture of our voyage, reminding us of the steadfast commitment and honesty propelling our accomplishments. They highlighted the importance of our contributions to clients and the community, emphasizing that while we pursue innovation, we stand firm on teamwork and ethical values.

20+ Years and Counting: A Toast to the Future

20+ years is a testament to collective aspirations, relentless dedication, and unwavering belief. As we mark this significant milestone, it’s not just a celebration of the past; it’s a gaze into an anticipative future. Our vision for the next 20 years is daring—to persist in innovation, expansion, and positive influence on our world. We extend an invitation to join us in this thrilling journey, scripting the next chapter in Oriental Outsourcing’s incredible narrative.

Let’s celebrate over two decades of excellence and eagerly await the many more chapters yet to be written! Cheers to the future!